L.G. MALYKKE ApS markets and sells the coffee grinder especially designed and engineered by Torben Malykke in the year 2004, in which year the first MALYKKE grinder was sold.

This intelligent coffee grinder is specially designated to the Facility industry, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels or every place, where freshly grounded Press Coffee is required.

The MALYKKE grinder is very simple to operate for quick and easy serving of Press Coffee, completely without any buttons to be pushed.

The MALYKKE grinder recognizes every size of up to 4 different sizes of cafetieres and up to two different sizes of bags.

The materials are glass blasted anodized aluminium for the outer casing.

There are several patents granted for the MALYKKE grinder, both in EU and in USA, both for the special functionality as well as for the unique design..

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